Harness the incredible power of tahara, purity, for yourself and your loved ones!

Non-profit community mikvaos like Mayim Chaim rely on private donations from generous supporters like yourself, to offset the exorbitant costs for maintenance, utilities, supplies, cleaning and staff.
In spite of the efficient, cost-cutting systems we have put in place, our standard entrance fee only covers 40% of the Mikvah’s actual operational overhead. 

Partner with us and bring endless bracha, hatzlacha, and sparkling salvation into your life. 

Earn powerful zechuyos, heavenly merits, by partnering with us in bringing holiness and purity to thousands of couples in our city.

Sponsorship opportunities:

*Sponsor a day

Sponsor the Mikvah’s operating expenses for a day – and earn the zechus of all of that day’s tevillos.


*Sponsor a week

Sponsor the Mikvah’s operating expenses for a week – and earn the zechus of a full week of tevillos!


*Sponsor a year

Partner with us for the year and become a pillar of support for this special mitzva.

NIS 100,000

Sponsor a tovelet every month

Sometimes money is so tight that even paying for this mitzva is too difficult. Give a woman a monthly pampering experience while enabling her to fulfill her mitzvah b’hiddur.


per month

Kalla’s first visit

Give a kallah from a struggling family the gift of a beautiful first mikvah experience.


electricity for the entire Mikva building*

״וכל מי שנותנים נר למאור״
Receive the blessing promised for those who provide light for communal purposes.

Mikva building water usage*

״ברכת המים - ברכת השפע״
Provide the water to help them fulfill their mitzvah, and receive a flow of abundance in your own life.

*All sponsorships will be displayed on a large screen in the entrance lobby of the Mikva with a dedication honoring / in memory of your loved one. (It can also be anonymous if you desire.)