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Become a Mikvah Partner!

The Mikva needs your support!
Partner with us and bring bracha and hatzlacha into your life.
Harness the incredible power of tahara, for yourself and your loved ones.

We’ve created a special opportunity for a woman to enhance her mitzvah on a monthly basis, by helping other women experience this transformative mikvah experience at the same time. 

A mikvah’s daily operating costs are high. By signing up to partner with us, you’ll help us cover our costs, and enable us to continue offering subsidized mikvah fees to the women who come for tevilah. 

The Partnership program


For just 180 shekels a month, you can make an impact in keeping the Mikvah well- maintained and thriving.

Note: There’s absolutely no commitment when you sign to be a partner.  You can choose to stop your donation at any time. 

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