Mikvah Mayim Chaim

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Mikvah Mayim Chaim

A mikvah experience as beautiful as the mitzvah

As women, we know that going to the mikvah isn’t a regular mitzvah; it’s the foundation of the Jewish home, the essence of our spiritual power. 

This is why the goal in building Mikvah Mayim Chaim was to provide  the optimal environment to perform this special mitzvah.  The ideal setting for the ultimate renewal experience.

Optimal halachic standards.
Optimal hygienic standards. Optimal service.

For a full-sensory, spa-like experience that will give you the serenity and spiritual energy to experience complete rejuvenation.

Our Unique Features​

Our Unique Features

Kallah’s Suite

Beautiful Kallah preparation room with a private entrance to the mikvah, plus a separate reception area for family accompanying her on this special day

Balaniot that are there for you.

The Mikvah attendant will provide the level of service with which you are comfortable.

Automatic Door Locking System

To ensure full privacy when coming in and out of the preparation room.

Sophisticated Technology

From booking the appointment to engaging with the balanit, the entire experience is streamlined by our sophisticated technological system. Convenient and efficient.


We take the hygiene of our mikvah very seriously and employ the highest standards in cleanliness.

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Beautiful, spacious preparation rooms
Mikvah pools and water borot (cisterns)
Bridal suites
Preparation booths

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Nachal Luz 16 Ramat Beit Shemesh A